NaturVet Calming Aids - Quiet Moments Herbal Calming Spray- Canine - 8 oz.


Quiet Moments Dog Herbal Calming Spray is for use with dogs and puppies 3 months and older. Quiet Moments Herbal Calming Spray is formulated to simulate the type of canine pheromones that provide dogs with a sense of safety and well being. Your pet will find comfort in the light fresh fragrance. Provides a Sense of Safety & Well Being, Herbal Spray is Great for Cars, Crates & New Environments. Suggested Use In: Cars, Crates & Cages, New Environments, Dog Houses, Pet Beds. This product can also be used with Quiet Moments� Tablets when extra support is needed for occasions such as: Fireworks, Traveling Visits to the Vet, Grooming and New Environments. Cautions: Do not spray directly on people or pets. Quiet Moments Calming Spray is not to be taken internally. If accidentally sprayed in pets eyes rinse with clear water. Use only as directed. Before using on fabric (carpet or upholstry), test small inconspicuous area. Keep in dry, cool place. Do not spray directly on floor surface. Wipe excess liquid that may accumulate in enclosure area after spraying, prior to pet entering.