46245 Almo Nature USA HQS La Cucina Pouch Chicken with Pineapple in Gravy 24/1.94oz


HQS La Cucina

Chicken with Pineapple



    HQS - High Quality Sourced. Complete and balance cat food made with the finest fresh ingredients. With added vitamins and minerals. Complete and Balance - Feed your HQS La Cucina 4 pouches per day for ever 8 lbs of body weight. Adjust as necessary for less active or more active cats.

    Gluten Free

    No gluten recipes, where rice is the only source of grain.

    Grain Free

    recipes with no added grain. Ideal or those who choose a product without added grain.

La Cucina Pouch Chicken with Pineapple in Gravy makes even the fussiest cats happy with its exclusive taste. La Cucina is grian free & a balanced meal for your pet, nevertheless rotational feeding is suggested!